About the Game / 关于游戏

Kona Ninja is a retro platformer game that can shred the terrain with a sharp blade. As people rumored, this ninja only attacked the corners. Although this sounds weird, trust me, it will be quite fun to play!

Kona Ninja 是一款能够爽快切碎地形的复古平台跳跃游戏。就像人们传言中的那样,这位古怪的忍者竟然只会对建筑的边边角角下手!尽管这听起来怪得很,但是相信我,玩起来还是很有意思的。

This game is designed and developed by DRING.


Controls / 操控

  • ← & → | Move
  • Z / 〇 | Jump
  • X / × | Cut (only for corners!)
  • ← 和 →:控制移动
  • Z 或 〇:跳跃
  • X 或 ×:斩击(只对边角有用)

Story / 故事

According to legend, there is a group of ninjas called Kona Ninja who are well-trained, restrained and decisive. Their most powerful move is to cut corners. Their sharp blades will lead to the corners of the building. In an instant, the wood shattered and people went. Therefore, they are always sneaky masters.

But to become the real Kona Ninja, one must prove oneself-by cutting off the legendary golden corner. Our protagonist is about to complete this destined mission.



Future / 未来计划

This game is entries for "Finish Your Game" Jam, and the development is now complete. Although there are still some problems with the game, I am quite satisfied with the overall situation. If there are no major bugs, this work should not be updated. Hope you have fun!

这个游戏是“Finish Your Game” GameJam 的参赛作品,并且已经完成开发。尽管游戏还存在一些问题,但整体上我已经很满意了,可以说 Kona Ninja 实现了我想要的效果。如果没有发现严重的 bug,本作应该不会再更新了。希望你玩的开心!

Updated 12 days ago
Published 15 days ago
GenrePlatformer, Action, Adventure
Made withPICO-8
Tags2D, PICO-8, Pixel Art
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Touchscreen

Development log


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love the slashing mechanic, great animation!

Haha, glad you like it!

Awesome! The slash reminds me of the Specter Knight Campaign from shovel knight (where when playing as specter knight you could jump to and slash enemies) Great game. Only problem is the player movement is a bit fast to make precise adjustments for platforming.

I have to admit that the player's movement is indeed a bit too fast now (although this is intentional). I will try to balance that with level design. Maybe the full version of this game (if  there is) will solve this problem from scratch, since I will use unity, and map size is no longer need to be concerned. Anyway, thanks for the comment : D

Really clever, I like how you have to use the direction of the slash.

Can you post the cart too (p8.png)?   

I usually play these on the TV with friends on a raspberry pi.

Play pico-8 games on TV sounds really cool! I've just uploaded the cart to splore, you can play it by search "kona" in splore. Or you can go to the post in forum. Have fun!

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From the pico-8 qq chat. Cool concept and cute art, keep up the good work!

Glad to hear that!

good game so far...

Thanks! I'm trying to keep it good haha.