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Love this game, especially how you take the idea of cutting corners and turn it into an awesome platforming mechanic! We'd love to make this game available to our players on email me at if you're interested.


The Coolmath Games Team

love the slashing mechanic, great animation!

Haha, glad you like it!

Awesome! The slash reminds me of the Specter Knight Campaign from shovel knight (where when playing as specter knight you could jump to and slash enemies) Great game. Only problem is the player movement is a bit fast to make precise adjustments for platforming.

I have to admit that the player's movement is indeed a bit too fast now (although this is intentional). I will try to balance that with level design. Maybe the full version of this game (if  there is) will solve this problem from scratch, since I will use unity, and map size is no longer need to be concerned. Anyway, thanks for the comment : D

Really clever, I like how you have to use the direction of the slash.

Can you post the cart too (p8.png)?   

I usually play these on the TV with friends on a raspberry pi.

Play pico-8 games on TV sounds really cool! I've just uploaded the cart to splore, you can play it by search "kona" in splore. Or you can go to the post in forum. Have fun!

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From the pico-8 qq chat. Cool concept and cute art, keep up the good work!

Glad to hear that!

good game so far...

Thanks! I'm trying to keep it good haha.