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中文官网(Chinese Website):https://www.dimensionhacker.com/

Have you ever considered moving back and forth in the real world and the digital world with a game console to save the lives of all hackers? Time is running out. Let us leave doubts for the time being and go to the world of the platform action game DIMENSION HACKER to complete a feat in just three days.


  • Dimensional Shifting
    As a hacker, of course you must be able to enter the digital world! Objects in the real world that block your advance may become air in the digital world. Use this ability to reach places that were once impossible to go.
  • The Cyberpunk Story about “Transformation”
    FULLTECH company, which has almost all the resources, is about to launch an ultimate confrontation with all hackers. Under the drastic changes in the environment, the hacker groups facing challenges, the biggest lords of the hacker team, and the company employees appear to be loyal: everyone has their own transformations and choices.
  • The Experience of Immersing in It
    original music, information fragments, map details, cutscenes, can you dig out the secrets hidden in the game world? When you sink into it, the truth will slowly emerge.



September 16, 2019Release the game GameJam entry version, which support DEOT and GameShell game consoles, including the complete experience of the first level.
September 21, 2019Announce the release plan for subsequent levels

StatusIn development
Made withLÖVE
Tags2D, Cyberpunk, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesChinese (Simplified)

Install instructions

Before September 21st, the game temporarily only supports DEOT and GameShell platforms.

how to install

  1. Download DIMENSION HACKER.love
  2. Place the file in /home/cpi/games/Love2D
  3. Start it from Love2D in Launcher
  4. Enjoy


  1. The game is stuck in the first frame
    I am very sorry, due to the current lack of game optimization, there is a possibility of being stuck when it is turned on. You need to restart the machine and run the game. This problem generally does not occur continuously.
  2. The screen flickers when switching dimensions
    Apologize again, this is still an optimization issue. You can try to restart the game to solve the problem.




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